Slangs HMU Meaning On Social Media

Hit me up or What does hmu stand for in texting? – basically, this slangs language; “hmu” is generally used for speaking to each other through fb or right now messaging. Hmu slangs typically used to mean someone for entering into touch with me later. This hit me up or hmu slangs become popular from back in mid-2010. It is appraised as having more than half of of million have a look at in a single day. Mainly, the most awesome opinion of hmu is, it’s by using and large utilized by more youthful.

Slangs HMU Meaning On Social Media

Hmu Meaning on Facebook


Facebook, we are all Know that facebook is one of the most used and famous social network web sites. Facebook’s one of the most useful and cute function is the on the spot messenger software which allows customers to ship messages to nearest one totally free of rate. So what does hmu stand for on fb?. But on facebook messenger chatting once in a while, it might be quite tough to put in writing the whole sentence that why the usage of abbreviations like hmu or lol or hmm and extra extensively used to resolve the situation. As you understand hmu stands for “hit me up”. Peoples are used hmu on facebook even as do chatting alongside with his/her friends the usage of messenger application. Additionally, hmu used on fb businesses. Example: i’ve free train price ticket, hmu. This sentence manner i’ve some unfastened educate tickets, you may hit me up to get a loose educate charge ticket from me.


HMU Meaning On Instagram

If you don’t understand, Peoples are appreciably used hmu on instagram. I’ve checked these days and decided there may be three million time used hmu hashtags on instagram. So what does hmu stand for on instagram?. Take a look at a few instance uses of hmu / hit me up on Instagram.


Hmu used on instagram, instance 1:

Character a: i can be again to my home some days later.

Character b: top sufficient sound exceptional, hmu!.

In this above sentence man or woman a trying to tell that, i’m able to come returned domestic somedays later and will do the celebration. Person b, like to tell; it’s right sufficient, hit me up while you reach. Just so we will installation the celebration collectively.

Hmu used on instagram, instance 2:

John smith: hello, hmu while you are organized for a tour.

Alexis: positive!

In this above sentence, john smith requested to hit up/ knock him when alexis will equipped for a excursion.

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